Most people are afraid when it is time for their teeth cleaning. Therefore it is important to understand that your teeth cleaning session will not last long and any discomfort you may experience is only temporary.

The first step in your teeth cleaning session is your physical exam which your dental hygienist will conduct. If the dental hygienist finds something worrying, they may call the dentist to confirm if the procedure can still take place.

Next, the dental hygienist will start scraping off plaque and tartar residue around your gum line using a scaler. You may feel some discomfort at this time. If you brush your teeth and floss daily, this step may not take long; however, if you do not floss according to your dentist’s recommendation, it may take a while for your dental hygienist to remove all the plaque. 

Once that is complete, your dental hygienist will use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth. While this may look like any other ordinary toothbrush, it is much more powerful. The dental hygienist will also use gritty toothpaste to remove any remaining bacteria from your tooth’s surface. 

Afterwards, your dental hygienist will floss your teeth. When you floss your teeth, there are a few places between your teeth that you may be unable to clean. Your dental hygienist will aim specifically for such places. Next, you will be rinsing your mouth with liquid fluoride; make sure not to ingest any. 

The last part of the treatment will be fluoride treatment. Your dental hygienist will apply a sticky paste on your teeth that will protect your teeth from cavities and bacteria for a few months. Once the fluoride treatment is done, you will have reached the end of your teeth cleaning session. 

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