When you think of a dental emergency, a root canal probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. A chipped tooth, maybe, or an oral trauma due to a car wreck, possibly, but a root canal? It is likely that you think a root canal is a procedure taken care of at a regular dentist. However, it may be a surprise, but that isn’t always the case! In some cases, a root canal may constitute an emergency treatment.

What Exactly Is A Root Canal?

When wanting to save a tooth that is on the verge of being infected, your dentist will say it is best to go through a root canal procedure. Your dentist drills a hole in your tooth and removes any infected pulp and nerve. After, your dentist will thoroughly clean and seal the hole. Doing this helps prevent an infection from spreading through your mouth and forming in your gums, jaw, or tooth.

Usually, fillings are enough for external tooth infection or decay. If, however, an infection goes inside a tooth, a simple filling is not enough. That is when our friend, the root canal, takes care of the problem and helps avoid having to pull out the tooth entirely.

Why Exactly Would You Need An Emergency Root Canal?

Many times, symptoms occur due to oral infection complications that either cannot wait or are extremely difficult for you to suffer. It may interfere with daily life to the point of distracting you at school, home, or work. This can impede you from doing critical daily activities.

For example, you may experience pain that not only encompasses the tooth but expands over a vast area. This can cause difficulty with eating, or the tooth may become extremely sensitive to touch. If you see a small red bump near the affected area, this can be a sign that pus may be forming.

If you have to deal with any symptoms, it becomes quite a challenge. Furthermore, if this is the case, an emergency procedure is the best way to help solve the issue.

When Exactly Should You Get An Emergency Root Canal?

If you start to see signs of an infected tooth, that is the cue to get it looked at as soon as possible. If you delay a necessary procedure, it can be very harmful to your oral health, even if the signs you have do not seem “like” an emergency.

Are You Or A Loved One In Need Of An Emergency Root Canal?

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