Research has proven that chewing gum can help you manage your stress and anxiety, and create a sense of freshness in your mind.

However, did you know that chewing gums can severely damage your oral health? Chewing gums contain high amounts of sucrose. Having sucrose regularly or in a large quantity diminishes your enamel layer, which increases the risk of cavities and exposes your teeth to all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

If eaten regularly or excessively, chewing gums may lead to extreme pain within the gums and jaws. Primarily if you focus on one side of your jaw while chewing your gum, that creates a heavy toll of unbalanced pressure upon your jaw, resulting in the pain you feel. Suppose you consume chewing gums frequently and have begun feeling toothache, severe neck pain, or headaches. Visit your dentist immediately.

Not all chewing gums are bad for you; sugar-free chewing gums are great for your oral health. They can help reduce the effects of dry mouth syndrome and increase saliva flow within your mouth, which in turn increases your mouth’s protection against tooth decay.

Though sugar-free chewing gums are great for your teeth; they are not a substitute for brushing and flossing your teeth and gums. It is a common misconception that having sugar-free chewing gums after your meals fulfills the role of brushing your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth twice a day, the plague may severely damage your teeth.

If taken once in a while; Chewing gums is not harmful, but avoid having them regularly, especially those that include sugar.

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