However, many people have teeth without enamel, or their enamel is not strong enough. Enamel hypoplasia could be the result of multiple factors, perhaps you have inherited this condition, or maybe it is the result of malnutrition during pregnancy.

Because teeth without enamel are vulnerable to damage, you must treat them immediately. It is essential to understand that no treatment whatsoever can ever replace enamel completely. However, certain treatments reduce your teeth’ exposure to bacteria and further damage.

A dental sealant is a thin coating that can protect your teeth from germs and bacteria for a long time. If you have teeth without enamel, consider getting a dental sealant for your teeth. However, your dentist will only place a sealant can if there is a thin layer of enamel available, no matter how small.

Enamel hypoplasia often leads to tooth loss, the most common treatment for replacing the tooth is getting a dental implant. It’s quite simple. A metal post replaces the portion of the tooth that is missing because it is implanted directly into the root; a crown is placed at the top of the metal post. Bridges can also help replace the missing tooth. However, that is only possible if the adjacent teeth are strong enough.

If you suffer from enamel hypoplasia, we recommend that you ask your dentist for the most viable treatment for your teeth.

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