Immediately after extraction, bleeding is regular; however, it should stop in some time. The body’s natural defense system acts directly, forming a blood clot. This will prevent bleeding; if it doesn’t, something is wrong. Discuss your problem with the dentist; there might be a need for a thorough examination to determine its causes. Besides, if you have excessive bleeding after tooth extraction, the following tips can help you minimize the pain and stop bleeding.

Using tea bag

It seems to be unusual, but a warm tea bag is useful in stopping bleeding. The black tea contains tannins that are hemostatic. When it comes in contact with the blood, it thickens it quickly forming clots. Hence take a warm tea bag and place it in the exposed area; the process is quick and reliable. Moreover, black tea has the quality to shrink the blood vessels; this further stops the bleeding. Use it simply, place the tea bag in boiling water for two to three minutes, and then remove and let it cool for some time. Afterward, place directly on the gums for about five minutes.

Using a gauze

Another effective way is the use of gauze. To stop bleeding, apply small pieces on the bleeding gum and bite it, applying even pressure for thirty minutes to an hour. Cover the area entirely from where an extraction has taken place. After some time, you can change the gauze piece if it fills with blood until it comes out clean. Press it firmly and evenly on all sides so that the bleeding stops. To make it more effective, sprinkle vitamin C powder on gums before putting gauze or even zinc lozenges quicken the process. Besides, applying ice cubes wrapped in gauze also helps.

Keep the head raised.

The position of your head is essential after tooth removal. It has to be kept up high; if you lay down to rest, keep a pillow under your head so that it stays above the body position. Often we take pain killers and medicine after the procedure and rest for a while, sleep with the head at the elevated position. It plays a significant role in stopping blood flow.

Avoid strenuous activities

After tooth extraction, the area needs time to heal; if the body continues strenuous work and exercise, excessive bleeding can result. Don’t pick up heavy objects as it damages the clot for the next 3-4 days. You can take a stroll, but be careful; the heartbeat doesn’t become too fast as it can cause bleeding. After a week or so, when you feel your area recovers, gradually start your routine.

Avoid smoking, using a straw, or spitting too much.

These activities will lead to bleeding. Instead of straw sip it directly from the cup, suction by straw can damage the clot. There is also a risk of the formation of a dry socket. Hence avoid it.

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