Enamel is the hard, white layer that covers the outer tooth. Several factors can be responsible if it weakens or damages; a high amount of fluoride, health conditions, or mother’s diet during pregnancy. Usually, these factors affect the child’s oral health, and if not treated, the permanent set to appear will be weak and improperly formed. The child will have teeth without enamel or with a very thin layer of it. A few abnormalities can lead to a similar condition in grownups; however, without enamel, biting and chewing is not easy. Read further to find out how this condition appears and what the treatment is.

Reasons for having teeth without enamel

One of the main reasons for this problem is if the teeth in the eruption stage experience certain substances that can harm them, or the problem can also be hereditary. The condition affects both milk and permanent teeth. This condition is known as enamel hypoplasia, which means underdeveloped enamel. Therefore, in this case, the tooth appears to be extremely sensitive. Few other reasons for this are;

  • The person faces some severe accident or severe trauma that affects the teeth and jaw
  • During the pregnancy stage, if the mother does not get nutrition and vitamins necessary for the child’s oral growth or develops some infection in her uterus, that hinders fetus growth.
  • During the pregnancy stage, if there is exposure to certain chemicals.

How to fix teeth without enamel

Enamel is a natural layer; therefore, if missing, it cannot replace. However, using dental procedures, the loss can fill up. In most cases, the use of crowns, bonding, or sealant fills the loss. All three are different ways and the selection depends on the convenience of the patient. A sealant is effective in minor cases when the enamel layer is fragile but present on the tooth. The same is the case with bonding; a tooth-colored resin is used in bonding to cover the tooth, which acts as artificial enamel and protects the tooth. With both bonding and sealant, the individual and eat, talk and continue the daily routine normally.

Besides, if the tooth needs a complete cover for protection, the crown is a better option. This artificial piece will completely cover the tooth from outside; hence it will be free from exposure to any substance. When the person eats or drinks, the crown will be in contact with all of it and not the bare tooth inside. Though, in extreme cases, tooth extraction is an option if the situation is not controllable. The individual has to have implants or bridges as a permanent solution to the problem, which will result in complete new artificial teeth that will function exactly like natural ones.

If you or your child has teeth without enamel, it is better to come for a consultation at the dental clinic. Whatever is the best solution that we will implement to save the teeth. To know more about it, call Everest Dental Group at  346-316-1920 . 

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