Being a first-time parent isn’t easy; you’ve probably gotten your hands full. While all parents ensure that their newborn remains healthy; it is pretty normal to overlook something as simple as your child’s oral health.

You have to remember that a child’s teeth have begun developing while the child is still within the mother’s womb. How a mother applies oral health dictates the oral health status of the child. It is essential that the mother keeps her oral health a priority, visits the dentist, gets some polishing done, and eats a nutritious diet.

Even before the teeth begin erupting, oral care is necessary. Wash the child’s gum with a washcloth and some water. If you do not do so, the child’s teeth, soon after the eruption, will begin having plaque and tartar buildup within, which will eventually lead to cavities forming within the teeth.

Your dentist will always advise you to ensure that your child’s first dental visit is done as soon as their first two teeth erupt, which will most probably be the two in the bottom front. Make sure that before the child’s first birthday, you have your first dental visit completed.

Once the teeth have erupted; begin brushing your child’s teeth twice a day and use fluoride toothpaste to ensure the best oral health.
The eruption begins between 6 to 12 months of age and is complete by the child turns three years old.

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