You must be excited that you will have braces from tomorrow. This means you will now have a beautiful smile, the one you have been craving for a long time, and have better oral health. But before all this happens, here is what you can do today.

Your dentist must have already discussed with you that several food items do not go with having braces. Hence as it’s your last braces-less day today, you can cheat on those items. Remember that if you consume those items once you have braces, it can damage your braces, causing you severe pain and hours in the dentist’s chair.

So now that you have the chance today, you can binge on everything you love.

1) Some Foods You Cannot Have From Tomorrow

If you do not want to damage your braces, you should not be eating them from tomorrow. These food items are:

  • Nuts
  • Candy
  • Hard bread
  • Popcorn
  • Raw vegetables

2) Brush and Floss Normally

Once you have your braces fixed, you will have to use special tools and techniques to keep your teeth clean. So today, you can brush and floss as much as you love.

And if you are worried about how to brush post-braces, do not worry as your dentist will explain it to you.

3) A “Before” Picture Is Must

Remember that having your braces is a tough job, and you will have to sacrifice a bunch of stuff for the next couple of months until your braces are removed. So to make sure you do not forget the journey, take several pictures today. Keep them safe until you have your braces removed, and then create some “before and after” photos.

This will give your a feeling of accomplishment and make your feel proud of what you have achieved.

4) Enjoy Your Day

Many people get anxious when the day comes by. But do not worry at all. Stay calm and enjoy your day. You can go out with friends or go to a movie. Your braces are to stay for about twelve to eighteen months, so make sure you the most of your day.

5) Imagine Your Beautiful Smile

Remember that you are doing all this to achieve that beautiful smile. This time will be a little difficult with all the pain and diet control, but after the process has ended, you are going to be proud of yourself.

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