You require an emergency root canal when an infection reaches your pulp and nerve; damaging the tooth and causing unbearable pain in your mouth. This could be the result of an infection or severe tooth decay.

A root canal involves removing the root of the tooth after first drilling the surface, the infected root, and pulp are then removed, and a crown is placed at the end of the emergency root canal procedure to keep the tooth intact.

The first sign that your teeth will begin to show will be discoloration of the tooth. Discoloration indicates that the nerves at this point have started to get affected by the infection. If you do not visit your dentist for a root canal after your teeth start showing signs of tooth discoloration, the nerves will begin to get damaged.

Next, you will begin to feel pus coming out of your infected teeth. The pus indicates that the infection has spread to the root of the tooth. Visit your dentist as soon as you see any sign of pus coming out of your tooth. Your dentist will examine the intensity of the infection and how far it has spread; if the infection has not yet reached the root of the tooth, then it is easily curable; however, if the infection has already reached the roots, the dentist may have to conduct a root canal, or else the infection may cause tooth loss.

As soon as the infection reaches the pulp chamber in the tooth, you will begin to feel incredible pain in your tooth. This is the third sign of infection and must not be ignored.

Sometimes a damaged tooth can require an emergency root canal. If you find that your tooth has been damaged, visit your dentist immediately.

An emergency root canal helps protect your teeth from tooth loss. At Everest Dental Groups, we prioritize your safety. If you feel the above-discussed signs of an infection in your tooth, call us at (346) 316-1920 to schedule your appointment.

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