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When emergency strikes, we need to act quickly. But can toothaches be regarded as dental emergencies? Whether or not your toothaches demand tooth extraction, these should be attended immediately. We at Everest Urgent Dental Care treat all your dental problems immediately, even if you experience them out of normal working hours.

But how to know if your toothache is a dental emergency. Consider the following:

Swelling in gums
A sudden loss of tooth
Severe pain and bleeding.
An adult having a loose tooth
Gum infection and dental abscess

Toothache Treatment at Everest
Toothache Treatment at Everest

An untreated medical emergency can be life-threatening. Therefore, our experts treat all the conditions that may result in toothaches like a chipped tooth, infection in gums, abscess, or even TMJ disorder. When you visit us, our team examines your mouth and performs all necessary emergency procedures. Our dentists may even perform x-rays to determine the actual cause of the problem and even suggest the desired treatment.

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