Tooth Extraction in Houston

Adult teeth are expected to last forever. But what if you have a decayed tooth which is causing a lot of pain. You definitely need an emergency extraction to save yourself from this throbbing pain. There can be times when a dentist is able to repair a decayed tooth by performing a root canal procedure or filling a cavity. But when there is no option left, an emergency tooth extraction will be the best solution. 

A dentist would suggest an emergency tooth extraction in the following cases:

Root cracks
Severe tooth decay
A broken tooth causing pain
Abscess in gums or around teeth
Impacted wisdom tooth causing extreme pain

Tooth Extraction in Houston
Tooth Extraction in Houston
If you have any of the above-mentioned conditions and wish to get your tooth extracted, visit Everest Dental Urgent Care in Houston, TX 77067. Our experts can take care of all your emergency dental concerns involving the extraction of a wisdom tooth or oral surgery. Not only this, but our urgent dental care also takes care of post-surgery procedures like cosmetic treatment and pain management.

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