Chipped And Cracked Tooth

A chipped tooth may bother your tongue, but you may not consider it a dental emergency unless there is bleeding from the tooth or gums. There can be cases when a cracked tooth may cause severe pain because the tooth may become sensitive. 

Chipped and cracked tooth may be a result of grinding teeth. Continuously clenching your teeth can affect the oral health of a person and may also have an impact on the overall health. These chipped teeth can also result from an injury or sudden hit on your face. If you are lucky enough, the crack may not lead to further damage, but it can impact your oral health severely. 

Chipped And Cracked Tooth at Everest Dental
Chipped And Cracked Tooth at Everest Dental

It, therefore, becomes important to treat these chipped teeth as soon as these occur. Visit Everest Urgent Dental Care, dentistry in Houston, TX 77067, to save your chipped tooth.

If a crack is left untreated, it may spoil your beautiful smile. Our team, after a detailed examination, will quickly fix your chipped teeth with dental bonding. You may not even notice a difference between your natural tooth and the one treated by our experts.

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