Abscesses and Swelling

When you experience severe pain in your mouth, an abscess can be one of the reasons for it, when the pus drains out the area inside your mouth becomes even more swollen. Abscess does not take time to form inside the mouth and may take as minimal as two days to form after the infection.

When the area inside the mouth gets hurt, bacteria enter, which causes infection. To save the infection from spreading inside the body, an abscess forms, which creates a layer around the infection. An untreated abscess can cause severe dental problems. 

The abscess can be of two forms:

– Gum abscess caused in the space between tooth and gum and affects the bone as well.
– Tooth related happens when the nerve of the tooth is dying or is already dead. This abscess spread from the root tip to the surrounding bone.

No matter whatever type of abscess has formed in your mouth Everest Urgent Dental Care has experts who can take care of all the forms of infections and swelling. So visit us in Houston, TX 77067, and get relief from the pain and discomfort.

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