After spending some time in the dental chair, having an extraction, the patient needs time to relax, and what could be better than a warm cup of coffee. But the question that arises here is, can I drink coffee after tooth extraction? Is it OK, or will it affect the bare socket in the mouth from where some time ago the tooth was removed? Drinking hot beverages is not recommended for a few days after the extraction. As it might not let the area recover and result in pain and sensitivity. So, it is better to avoid hot drinks.

When can you have a hot drink after a tooth extraction?

When the tooth is pulled out, an empty socket creates behind, which is quite gentle and sensitive for a few days. Special care is necessary to protect the socket having the blood cloth, under which there are nerves and bone. If any of our wrong actions damage the blood clot, it results in bleeding, and there is a chance of dry socket formation. This will result in extreme pain, sensitivity, and sour taste. Drinking coffee or other hot beverages after a few hours will affect the area in the mouth and result in a dry socket; hence it is better to avoid it.

What can I drink and eat after tooth removal?

It is best to eat soft food after tooth extraction, which does not need much chewing and is at room temperature. Remember to have a healthy meal that quickens the healing process and strengthens the bone and teeth. Don’t forget to drink water after every few hours and especially after having dinner. Few good choices can be soft and boiled veggies, yogurt, smoothies, or fresh fruit juices. The scrambled egg can also be on the list as it is healthy and doesn’t need chewing.

Is it OK to drink coffee after getting a tooth pulled?

When it comes to making a compromise in drinking coffee, it becomes problematic. However, there is nothing wrong with having a coffee cup if it is at room temperature, don’t have it hot. Immediately after extraction, the mouth will be numb, and the patient won’t feel like eating or drinking anything. It is better to let the effect of anesthesia finish so that you can again feel your gums and teeth. You can have lukewarm coffee after 24 hours of the procedure to avoid the dry sockets, take care of the blood clot. After a week, if your sockets heal, you can continue with your routine. But remember to take care of oral hygiene and be gentle on the area that had an extraction. Let the gums heal naturally, and in a few days, you can again enjoy your hot cup of coffee and other favorite items in your plan.

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