About Everest

Everest Medical Group adopts a new concept, a new approach to accommodate the needs of our patients. Implementing a patient centered approach helps us to ensure that our patients are comfortable and satisfied with their treatment plans and care overall.

Our company was founded in 2020 by a group of Board Directors who all agreed that facilities for medical needs should be conveniently located. And because of this, we now have an Urgent Care, Primary Care, and a Dental Urgent and Primary Care all situated in one location. Although we are a new company the founders and partners have been in this profession for over 50 years. Everyone who is a member of the Everest Medical Group team, from owners to founders, to partners, and to our medical staff all bring a different skill set with them. Combining all our skills and experiences together, we can provide satisfactory care that our clients deserve. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in Texas.

At Everest Medical Group our aim is to provide a convenient location for medical facilities to operate hand in hand so that our patients can access efficient healthcare services. Our goal has always been to expand and target locations that lack convenient medical facilities. We are currently in the construction process of opening our next location which holds the same concept: One-stop source for most of your medical needs. We promise to keep this concept consistent throughout our journey in the medical industry.

About Everest
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